PINK Magic Trial Kit

PINK Magic Trial Kit

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The new pink magic trial kit has everything you need to make dreams come true.

The demand for nail enhancements today requires speed, durability, and most important, leaving the natural nail UNDAMAGED.

With Exclusive Nail Couture PROFESSIONAL Acrylic System you can assured that we are taking every step to create the best inner structure BPO particle to prevent irritation and maintain vibrant results.

The controlled particle size in the polymer combined with the UV stabilizer, optical brighteners  and 100% Ethyl Methacrylate (EMA) monomer creates a revolutionary cross link molecular technology allowing for a lasting natural finish.

Now is the time to try our new pink magic fast dry monomer with unique pink color and speed technology.

Try all of our products and fall in love with Enailcouture and let your pink out !~

1-4oz pink magic monomer   ~!

The powders 20 grams (3 colours, cherry pink, bubble gum & grand champion white)

*limited time offer and price