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Hand Red iguana Practice hand

Hand Red iguana Practice hand

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Enailcouture presents Red Iguana Practice Hand

*full size hand,half hands and fingers comes with a primer and press on nails almond (500pcs)

*Choose your favourite, click on colour for all the options

*buy extra press on nails for only $10.99 choose from stiletto ,ballerina and almond white colour

*practice hands prices includes primer and almond press on nails.


Red iguana disclaimer 

Silicone Practice Hand for Nail Art and Acrylic/Hard Gel techiques.

Available in 2 types:

 Regular - 100% silicone, fully flexible and soft.

 Poseable - Mostly silicone and has armature inside it which allows to fix finger in a desired pose.

Please note that each hand is custom made so there could be slight difference from pictures: small bubbles,bumps or lines, slightly different skin color.

These hand are ready to use and perfect for newbies, schools that need models ( no more "model no show" problems) and for technicians who want to play with materials in free time.
Please note that hands are very similar to real hand which is ideal for mastering your skills. It has sensetive cuticles and sides. Do not cut it! It helps to hold nails on silicone.

ATTENTION:DON'T PLAY WITH FINGERS TOO MUCH, IT CAN BREAK WIRE INSIDE OF POSE ABLE HAND. Move fingers as if you would move real person fingers.
We do not recommend to soak of or rip off the nails from the hand.
Soaking off make it hard to glue on a new nail. Ripping off may permanently damage the hand.
File off the material after work until base nail using e-file but don't touch silicone with nail bit.Try not to file off base nail (exactly like with real person's nails). Hand is ready to use again!
If you decided to soak off the material, give it enough time - the nail should

Silicone doesn't dissolve in acetone.
If you hand got dirty of dust, glitter/chrome etc., just wash it with soap in warm water. You can use soft brush to remove chrome and flakes.

You can use any full cover acrylic tips. We are using full cover ballerina acrylic tips for natural effect.

If you accidentally damage silicone hand, rip cuticle or sides, you can fix it Devcon Silicone Adhesive or Sil-Poxy by Smooth-On. Just apply small amount of adhesive on



Apply thin layer on the nail bed and under the Cuticle.

Let it cure for 30 sec.
Do the same on the inside of the nail tip.
Attach  the nail to the nail bed with glue.



Contains: Heptane, Methylcyclohexane


DANGER: Highly flammable liquid and vapour.

May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways.

Causes skin irritation.

May cause drowsiness or dizziness.