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123 go Kit

123 go Kit

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For a limited time only we are offering 

123go kit

The  kit includes everything you need to do your nails at home.

  • Nail prep and primer 
  • Basecoat
  • ShineE top coat 
  • A mystery gel polish 
  • Smoothie buffer 100/100
  • Buffer 80/80
  • 100/100 file 
  • 123 go choose your size and shape on the drop down menu 
  • Enailcouture pink bag  
  • The bb lamp that will cure completely your full set.
  • Pink boxes are sold separately $3.99

Important Note

 oval  and sport square 123go, comes only from 0-9 

and extra 5&6 due to most common tips needed 
please be aware before buying



  • wash your hands before starting your manicure 
  • buff the surface of your nail with the pink buffer and remove any dust.
  • apply the nail prep to all the nails
  • apply the primer to all nails (do not overdo this step)
  • apply a thin coat of basecoat gel, one at the time or all 5 nails, do not apply too much or it will run into the sides or cuticle area, this will cause lifting.
  • cure the basecoat gel for 90 seconds under the bb lamp 
  • Select the 123go you are gonna use for your nails, make sure they fit side to side
  • Apply primer inside the 123 go, make sure your are generous and rub it from cuticle half way down to the edge of the 123go (this will save time instead of edging the 123go with a file or bit)
  • apply Basecoat inside the 123go make sure you have enough but not too much or it will run into the sides (apply a thin coat of Basecoat on your nails but do not cure ,make sure you’ve already applied Basecoat and cure for 60 seconds that’s your first layer of Basecoat, the second layer don’t cure it until you apply The 123go,
  • Press firmly and cure under the bb lamp (press in the middle first and cure for 10 seconds then press by the cuticle area and cure for 10 seconds when the nail feels secure cure for 90 seconds on your bb lamp.
  • Repeat the step for each nail.
  • File the nails sides and edge with your file; use twiggy file for the sides
  • Buff the surface with smoothie buffer (pink buffer)
  • Make sure all the nails are nicely buffed
  • apply gel polish of your choice
  • When applying gel polish apply a thin coat making sure you are covering all areas apply a second coat if needed.
  • All gel polish cure for 90 seconds on the bb lamp
  • Apply shineE top coat make sure you apply thin coats to prevent product from running on the sides or cuticle area.
  • If you are beginner do one nail at the time when applying Basecoat, gel polish and shineE topcoat. This will prevent the product from running on the sides.
  • Don’t forget to apply cuticle oil and you are done.

Do not use products too close to the bb lamp or being in contact with  Uv or led lamp this will prevent them from curing or damaging the gel based products.

**Please check the following video for application **


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