Cat eye 3D Magic gel polish Top Coat and colors

Cat eye 3D Magic gel polish Top Coat and colors

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The most anticipated cat eye effect gel polish is now here!  It's truly magic in a bottle! 5 seconds is all it takes for magic to happen on your nails.

(product will not work without a magnet!)

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3D magic gel polish cat eye uses the newest in nail technology to create a 3 in 1 effect on the nails.

*1,shimmers under lighting

*2,cat eye movement

*3,Colour change (entire nails) due to lighting 

Shake bottle well, then apply and hold magic wand magnet for 5 seconds at a 45*degree angle from the nail and watch the magic happen right in front of your eyes.  Cure for 60 seconds then add at ShineE top coat cure for 60 secs and done!

*some tips- use the magnet wand close to the nail surface, about 5-8 seconds let a line appear then cure.  Its better to do the steps one nail at a time then cure each nail for about 3 seconds to freeze the magic effect.  If you do all ten at the same time the magic can disappear.  Please use the magnet wand at  a 45* degree angle from the nail tip!  Make sure you shake the bottle well to make sure the pigment is dispersed evenly. 

PRECIOUS MINERALS is a line of special effect glitter and metallic shades you will not find anywhere else in the world! 

Fast Application

  • Apply it just like polish and be rewarded with richer, more even colour.
  • Cures in 30 seconds in an LED lamp and in 2 minutes in a traditional UV lamp.


  • The gel polish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10 minutes.
  • Even with such a natural look, these gel polishes are long lasting and remain shiny between treatments.


  • It is packaged in an easy to use bottle instead of a jar, with easy to spot colour on the cap; the colour is true to the bottle because the cap is hand filled with the same gel.
  • Stable viscosity until the last application.

Luxurious Colours

  • No unevenness on colouration, brilliant luxury colour, for a beautiful finish.
  • Separation of ingredients does not occur, churning or mixing is unnecessary and there is no wasted gel.
  • magnet sold separately

note that colour might be different from pictures due to light or based colour used underneath the gel polish. 
we are in a transition to change the packaging for the precious minerals please be aware some might be different bottles from 15ml to 10ml. the difference is reflected on the sale price for this product. Be aware before buying.