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Duet Drill Bit Set

Duet Drill Bit Set

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Duet diamond Russian manicure bit set (Flame Cuticle Drill Bit for Russian Manicure,Safety Diamond Nail Drill Bit,3/32 Electric Cuticle Remover Bit


Make Doing Cuticle Cleaning Faster And Easier!
1. Premium Quality Raw Material, Slow Heat Producing.
2. Uniform Grits, Less Uncomfortable.
3. Stainless Steel Shank, Durable & Washable.
4. Safe & Efficient Cuticle Pushing, Removing, And Nail Prepare.
New Duet, Diamond Nail Drill Bits Resistant To Acid And Heat.Improving Customers’ Feel.Premium Diamond Nail Drill Bit Durability And Cutting Spectacular, Eye-Catching Appearance For Easy Identification.

  • 3/32 Shank Diamond Bit .
  • These Bits Are To Clean Dead Skin On The Side Of Finger Nail,
  • Or Used On Dry Cuticle That Is Stuck On The Nail.
  • Safety: They Are Gentle, Smooth And Do The Job And Prevents Hangnails.
  • Suitable For Manicurist Or Beginner, Portable For Home Or Salon Use.

Safety,Run Smooth,Last Longer And Save More Time

Amazing Tools With Higher Hardness And Durability

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