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Goldie Bit!

Goldie Bit!

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The Newest drill bit from our new 24k gold plated bits drill bit family!

This unique shape is perfect for shaping the nail and it leaves the nails smooth and even.  It also helps cut down on buffing to create more even and perfect nails every time! 

This bit is slightly more fine than our traditional bits, it gets into tight groves with its narrow tip but shapes large areas with a wider base and its longer body.  Its works like magic!

Shape all types of nails from square to extreme stilettos, take off gel polish, even diamonds and charms in a flash and never ever worry about cutting a client.

These bits are the best in the world, they do not heat up, they produce less dust and feel different.  Your clients will be able to tell because the bit does not rust or produce heat making their service more enjoyable.

 They last much longer than any other material and can be used on any type of nail service like gel, acrylic and gel polish!

*Pink diamonds and our new gold drill bits are size 3/32


**Easy To Clean and Disinfect
*submerge the bits on acetone at least 30 minutes, acetone will remove any build up product on it. 
*Do not brush the bits with metal brushes or your will dull the bit  

*Use a disinfectant required on your area (cs20 can be used no longer that 20 minutes or might rust or remove the gold if you left the bit submerge for longer time.
*Rinse with water or alcohol dry it and ready for use again.

Resistance of acid, alkali
Ceramic is constituted by silicate, which is stable chemical properties. So our drill bit can resist acid, alkali and other caustic material.
Best Universality
2.35mm (3/32 inch) shank diameter, our bits fit for most electric manicure machine on the market.      
 *******Note *******
Ceramic bits are delicate and breakable if you drop them or if is left on your hand piece unattended will shatter like a ceramic piece will.
handle with care for professional use only .