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Metallic gel Baby metal

Metallic gel Baby metal

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important note :

Baby metal  is In Back order ... we will ship all baby metals orders Wednesday / Thursday  September 12-13


the new hot trend in 4 beautiful METAL colors.

choose your favourite or get the set and save more!!

Easy to apply and seal with shinee or wonder gel top coat for a beautiful high shine finish. Give a unique style to your designs !
Easy to use-

watch the video tutorial on youtube look under

Metallic gel polish by Enailcouture




- Apply a very thin and smooth layer of shinee or base coat and cure.

-make sure you have a smooth shape other ways it will be noticeable when you apply your baby metal gel polish

- Apply baby metal gel color( silver, gold ...) wait 60 second and cure, apply in only a few strokes: 1 left, 1 in the middle and 1 on the right. The thinner you apply it, more shiny will be. Do not go over color on and on. cure 60-90 seconds in darling lamp 

- Apply second coat of baby metal gel color, wait 60 second and cure 60-90 seconds.

- Apply 2 coat of shinee very thin and cure each coat !

- Do not use top gel of any other brand.

- Use darling light machine, if you use bb lamp you will need to cure longer 2-3 minutes each coat of baby metal gel

Caution: Shake before use, Keep away from eyes, Keep out of child


Note: product shelf life once seal is broken 1 year due to the pigments on the product.