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Metallic gel Baby metal

Metallic gel Baby metal

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Now 7 different colours we added a fuchsia and black to this awesome collection! 


The new hot trend in 4 beautiful METAL colors.

Choose your favourite or get the set and save more!!

Easy to apply and seal with shinee or wonder gel top coat for a beautiful high shine finish. Give a unique style to your designs !
Easy to use-

watch the video tutorial on youtube look under

Metallic gel polish by Enailcouture




- Apply a very thin and smooth layer of shinee and cure for 30 seconds on a UV led lamp (36 watts) 

-make sure you have a smooth shape other ways it will be noticeable when you apply your baby metal gel polish

- Apply baby metal gel color( silver, gold ...) wait 60 second before you cure the gel, apply in few strokes: 1 left, 1 in the middle and 1 on the right. The consistency is not runny you can do all 5 nails at once, apply a thin coat Do not go over color on and on cure 90 seconds in darling lamp 

- Apply 2 coat of shinee very thin and cure each coat !

or apply wonder gel one coat float the topcoat do not rub

- Do not use top gel of any other brand.

- Use darling light machine, if you use bb lamp you will need to cure longer 2-3 minutes each coat of baby metal gel

Caution: Shake before use, Keep away from eyes, Keep out of child


Note: product shelf life once seal is broken 1 year due to the pigments on the product. 
we are in a transition to change the packaging for the precious minerals please be aware some might be different bottles from 15ml to 10ml. the difference is reflected on the sale price for this product. Be aware before buying.