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Twinkle Story hologram magic

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Twinkle Story is our hologram effect pigment/glitter that can magically transform any gel polish colour into a dazzling sweet hologram effect~!

To make any colour hologram with twinkle story is as easy as 1,2,3!

Simply apply gel polish, then cure 20-30 seconds.

Use a sponge or a tool to pick up your choice of twinkle story and press it into the sticky layer of your colour!

Apply shinee gel, cure at least 60 seconds and you're done ~!

Like magic your nails will have a magical hologram twinkle effect~! Seal with shinee gel for a long lasting lustre.


Twinkle story is made from the Finest quality materials from all over the world!~

Twinkle story comes in an 8 gram jars with 5 colours per kit:

violet, gold, blue, green, holo silver

*Due to the nature of this product it is very fine and product leakage is possible.  We are not responsible for damaged or leaked products.  We try our best to ensure no product is wasted or damaged. xoxo