Max Estrada

Max Estrada

A little about How Enailcouture started……

Max Estrada


Being born into the beauty industry and with more than 10+ years of experience, Max Estrada has always had a strong belief in nail education and artistry.

Max started playing with his mother’s nail products and reading trade publications at a very early age, attending his first trade show at the age of 5.

He started his professional career working in his family’s salon in Arizona. Within the first year of Max’s career he aspired to grow bigger as a nail technician.  At the very young age of 16 with already a very quick and accurate acrylic application Max entered his first professional nail competition.

Max was confident in his work.  He competed and placed within the top 10 for his division and category. Full of determination his goal was to improve his skills and conquer the competitive world of nails!

Now Max focuses on developing nail technologies that make every nail artist’s life much easier. He believes that the best competition to win is the one with yourself, always strive for your personal best.

Max’s ultimate dream was to have the best products to complement his education for the nail care industry. In 2014, Max invented and designed his own company and product line aptly titled Exclusive Nail Couture Professional, nationally and globally.

Today Max has a true passion for his art and expresses his love for the nail industry through every product he creates. Max is now sharing his knowledge all over the world with his classes and through his line of nail products.

He is the man that will lead the way with Exclusive Nail Couture Professional—a dream come true!~

Today Max shares his knowledge all over the world in his social media @kingofnail @enailcouturecanada

Being a trend-setter in the industry, Max says “the nail industry is not about where it is but where its going”

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