123go Black Label Nails Sculpture Round S (Soft Gel Nail Tips- Clear Cover Full Nail Extensions - Pre-shaped Acrylic False Gelly Nail Tips 15 Sizes for DIY Salon Nail Extensions)

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The NEW era of enailcouture.com 123go nail pre made full coverage gel nails. 
Black Label pro 123go nails  with the introduction of more sizes like 00 to 13 (14 sizes total, 300 nails total)making 123go sizing faster and easy!
The Newest, The Fastest, Most Professional Nail Enhancement !
Black Label 123go nails pro also have a structural redesign. Each 123go nail now has a thinner cuticle area, creating a more natural finish that requires less blending. Each 123go black label now also now has a thicker tip, creating a stronger, more durable 123go nail.
all 123go nails are soft gel made from newest soak off soft gel material, instead of the traditional cheap ABS material. It means more comfortable, more malleable and more natural.The 123go black label nails and will make no trace even bend, bright clear you can more easily press, trim, paint flat false nails to make your dream nails shape. 

proudly made in America!~

  • 300 pieces | 14 Sizes 00-13 | 
  • Style: sculpture 
  • Shape: round
  • Size: short