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Diamond Gel

Diamond Gel

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I ❤️ Diamond Gel



    • TRENDY NAIL JEWELRY GLUE GEL- Diamond Gel; The nail decorations gel glue are super sticky, excelent in securing gems jewels beads nail rhinestones on your nails, good for creating your sparkling dazzling nail art, a proper operation can bring a beautiful result for at least 2 weeks (led required)
    • HOW TO USE - 1.  Apply diamond gel glue on the nail already with gel polish
    • 2. Put the rhinestones on, cure it for about 3 minutes(led lamp requried), the time may differ for different lamps, just make sure to cure it till its completely dry
    • 3. For large or non-flatback rhinestones, fill a little more glue into the gap and the base to make sure its double secured, cure it again till its completely dry, done!
    • 10ml 
    • All sales are final no exchange or refunds no exceptions please beware before buying 
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