Romance Magic color change gels bon bon Set!! (Gel Nail Polish Set, Color Changing Gel Nail Polish Set, Mood Changing Gel Nail Polish Set, Shellac Uv Gel Nail Polish,Temperature Change Gel Polish Set,Soak Off Uv Led Nail Polish Salon Art)

Regular price $249.99 $159.99 Sale new romance magic bon bon gel collection is magic ombre color change gel in a bottle. Six beautiful nude inspired colors that change into a lovely soft off-white color creating a magical ombre effect! The colder it is, the darker the color; the warmer it is, the lighter the color.

About this item:

  • magic in a bottle: bon bon gel Color changing gel nail polish nude pink color change jelly gel nail polish series color change effect.
  • FANTASY TEMPERATURE COLOR CHANGING: This gorgeous temperature color change gel will present different beautiful colors like magic.  Becomes darker under cold temperature, and becomes lighter under hot temperature.  During the curing process of applying gel polish LED light, the gel will take on a lighter color because of the increased temperature, the color darkens when cold.
  • Bon Bon GEL: The gel adds to the original natural nude gel polish to add a noble and luxurious quality, which can create more than 2 styles according to personal preference, you can apply it alone to create a clear and natural nail, making the nail color change 2 layered , or you can overlay it with a solid color gel of the same color to create a fresh and elegant effect nail, with versatile style and shape.
  • NOTE: Applying on long nails will make the color changing effect more obvious. Color changing is not only affected by body temperature, but also by environmental temperature.  
  • vegan hypoallergenic and HEMA free, never tested on animals
  • made in america !