Rose diamond bit (Professional 3/32

Rose diamond bit (Professional 3/32" Shank Size - Crystal Top Large Barrel Carbide Bit - Nail Drill Bit for Dremel Machine)

Regular price $34.99 $28.99 Sale new rose diamond limited edition drill bit !

About this item:

  • Quantity: 1 piece | Color: silver with a rose pink diamond | Grit: Medium | Shank Size: 3/32”
  • [american CARBIDE] Made with the hardest material next to diamonds, which will provide durability for long lasting use without the fear of getting dull.
  • [SHAPE] Durable with an amazing design while adding a sparkling touch that can give your client a luxurious experience, they have a clean-cut crystal inserted at the top with straight barrels to protect the client’s cuticles and side walls.
  • [USES] Perfect for all jobs with artificial nails, such as surface work, shaping, smoothing, removing dip powder and gels, backfill cutting, creating a sharp c-curve, and more!
  • [MEASUREMENTS] Large Length: 1.5 Inches | Barrel: 0.26 Inches x 0.5 Inches

Various Suitable Uses

  • Smooth & Shape Surface
  • Backfill Cutting
  • Creating Sharpe C-Curve
  • Remove Dip Powder & Gels