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Super Sharp Stiletto Tips

Super Sharp Stiletto Tips

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Super Sharp Stiletto Tips Extra Long Stiletto Soft Gel Nail Tips Clear Half Cover Sharp 12 Sizes Long Press On Sharp Stiletto Nail Tips XL for Acrylic Nails 💅🏻 


Description: New Super Sharp Stiletto Tips And Everything! 

About this item:

  • About Super Sharp Stiletto Tips: Nail Tips Focuses On Providing Nail Products For Everyone , Not Only Suitable For Nail Art Beginners, But Also For Nail Professionals. It Mainly Provides False Nails, Including Acrylic Tips Of Different Lengths And Shapes. Women Who Like Nail Art Can Follow Their Own Hobbies. Choose Different Styles Of Artificial Nail Tips
  • Soft Gel Quality: Stiletto Nail Tips Are Made Of High-Quality Plastic Materials, Have A Certain Thickness And Length, Are Not Easy To Break, And Can Withstand Varying Degrees Of Sanding And Trimming. 
  • Long Length: The Half Cover Stiletto Nail Tips Adopts A Length And Shape That Is Super Long & Sharp, You Can Trim It At Will, And The Longer Length Is Friendly To Women Who Like Short Stiletto Artificial Nails. Because It Has Enough Length For You To Trim. If You Like XL Sharp Nail Tips. This Is Your Best Choice
  • NOTE : this item isn’t 123go is for acrylic,gel or happy gel extensions
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