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Candy Jelly Builder Gel~ Pink Glass

Candy Jelly Builder Gel~ Pink Glass

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Candy Jelly Pinks LED/UV builder gel is now available world wide.

Sculpt, tip and over lay and natural nail overlays with the strength of a hard gel but with the option of a soak off.

Apply like any traditional one step builder gel and create cute lightweight gel nails!~

After cuticle work buff the nail and apply nail prep and primer we recommend using Enailcouture products for best results.

Apply your favourite candy jelly builder overlay, forms, tips. Cure 60 seconds on a UV or led lamp 36 watts or more remove sticky layer and shape. 

New pink glass builder gel, in the exact same color as our acrylic powder that is super easy and quick to use, flash cure is 30 seconds and full cure is 60-90 seconds depending on your led or uv lamp.

So sweet like candy jelly, xoxo

*sizes 15ml & 30ml

(for soak off use gel polish basecoat before application)

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