Fun Gel Coffee Latte Collection

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11 Amazing colours that you will definitely need to create amazing designs and full cover nails 

Coffe latte fun gel collection includes 11 different colours 10ml each. 136,137,138,139,140,141,142,143,144,145,146


  • Each Of The Gel Colors Are Highly Pigmented, And Paint Easily Onto Your Nails For A Professional, Stylish Finish.
  • ★HEALTHY & LONG-LASTING: Made Of Natural Resin, Healthy Ingredients, Our Products Have Low Smell, Are Non-Toxic, And Adheres Well; With Proper Application 2 Weeks Wearing Is Attainable, Without Chipping And Peeling.
  • One Coat Full Coverage 
  • cure under UV or LEd lamp for 30 seconds on a 36 ,44 watts lamp if less watts double the time.
  • apply ShineE topcoat to finish 
  • 10ml
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  • no exchange or returns 
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