Fun gel Coffee Latte collection

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Our 2021 Fun gel Coffee Latte collection 

11 Amazing colours that you will definitely need to create amazing designs and full cover nails 

Coffe latte fun gel collection includes 11 different colours 10ml each. 136,137,138,139,140,141,142,143,144,145,146


  • Each Of The Gel Colors Are Highly Pigmented, And Paint Easily Onto Your Nails For A Professional, Stylish Finish.
  • ★HEALTHY & LONG-LASTING: Made Of Natural Resin, Healthy Ingredients, Our Products Have Low Smell, Are Non-Toxic, And Adheres Well; With Proper Application 2 Weeks Wearing Is Attainable, Without Chipping And Peeling.
  • One Coat Full Coverage 
  • cure under UV or LEd lamp for 30 seconds on a 36 ,44 watts lamp if less watts double the time.
  • apply ShineE topcoat to finish 
  • 10ml
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  • no exchange or returns 
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