Happy gel New 15ml Colours

Happy gel New 15ml Colours

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Happy Gel , Acry-Gel



Enailcouture.com World Famous Happy Gel Now In A New Size!~ 15grams

About this item

  • ❤ Various COLOURS: This 15g tube of happy gel- poly nail gel is of a wonderfully beautiful colors, suitable for creating a nail extension in different shape like square to stiletto nails.
  • strong and durable 
  • You can refill your nails about every 14 days when the new cuticle area grows.
  • FAST AND EASY GEL BUILDER.  Happy gel- gel builder for nails is stronger, more flexible, easier to control than other nail extension gel. It's lighter than acrylic and builder nail gel, makes your nails look charming, with pretty length and neatness. This professional nail gel is a great for both beginners and professional nail specialists.
  • Hema free 

    You can an e-file machine will save your time and help to remove faster and cleaner.
    You can also use of remover magic to remove buff the shine first then apply the remover magic. Aprox 15 min depending on product application