Icey patch Aurora stickers

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New Icey Nail Patch Is The Secret Key To Make The Trending Viral Aurora Ice Nails!~ No More Cutting Or Super Thick Layers Of Gel To Make The Design Possible. Now Makes The Icey Patch Set That Contains 16 Colors!

About this item

  • Benefit— Easy To Apply, Looks Amazing And Makes Your Gel Manicure Design Long Lasting. Resembles Shiny, Sharp, Shattered Glass Nail Pieces.
  • Bundled Set — Cut Into Your Favorite Shapes And Create Unique Nail Art Designs Each Time.
  • Color And Size— Color: Multi-Colored – As Pictured. Size (Each Sheet): 6*8.2CM.
  • Feature— Not Only One Effect – The Segments Of The Foil Reflect Light Like Facets On Gemstone; Different Colors Appear At Different Angles Under Lights. Emulate The Look Of Shattered Glass Effect Design On Your Nails.
  • Use wonder gel topcoat to seal