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Icey Patch Aurora Stickers

Icey Patch Aurora Stickers

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New icey nail patch is the secret key to make the trending viral aurora ice nails!~ no more cutting or super thick layers of gel to make the design possible. Enailcouture.Com now makes the icey patch set that contains 16 colors!

About this item

  • Benefit— Easy to apply, looks amazing and makes your gel manicure design long lasting. Resembles shiny, sharp, shattered glass nail pieces.
  • Bundled Set — Cut into your favorite shapes and create unique nail art designs each time.
  • Color And Size— Color: multi-colored – as pictured. Size (each sheet): 6*8.2cm.
  • Feature— Not only one effect – the segments of the foil reflect light like facets on gemstone; different colors appear at different angles under lights. Emulate the look of shattered glass effect design on your nails.
  • Use wonder gel topcoat to seal  
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