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Pink Dust Brush

Pink Dust Brush

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Ergonomic Design, come with cover
Firm Bristles
Available in charming pink 
Fast Dust Cleaning
Comfortable to Hold
Increase Efficiency
Gentle on Skin

  • Angled 2 sided hand nail brush(with handle bar): soft but firm bristles one side for cleaning dirt under the fingernails and bristles on other side for cleaning hands, finger nails, feet or top of nails or under of nails; pure and simple designed brush suitable for most surface you ever need to clean.
  • Long handle bar design: easy and comfortable to grip for the long handle and you can easily hang them with the hole of handle.
  • Soft bristles: using not very stiff pp (polypropylene) material bristle to prevent from irritating your skin; remove dirt comfortable and do not hurt skin and surface of shoes and clothes; easily scrub away food, stains and dirt from most surfaces; so those cleaning brushes are suitable for children and women or men. Perfect design to prevent water splashing everywhere.
  • Can be a retail item
  • Short bristles on one side 
  • Long bristles on the other side brush away dry, chapped skin so that heels and elbows feel silky and smooth. 


 easy to disinfect/sanitize, will not loose pink color 

all sale final 

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