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Pink Rocket!~ Drill Bit

Pink Rocket!~ Drill Bit

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The new Pink Rocket bit is here !~
work faster, smarter & make more money !~
the pink rocket bit lets you work faster saving time and energy because of the length and shape of the bit!~ letting you shape the whole nail in one motion!~ 
the new pink rocket bit is the perfect bit to use for long nails and extreme shapes because it let you shape the whole nail more even and faster, and in the salon it shapes the whole nail in less strokes, giving you the perfect shape in one sweep !~

These bits are the best in the world, they do not heat up, produce less dust and feel different, your clients will be able to tell because the bit does not rust or produce heat making their service more enjoyable.

No sharp edges so the clients will never get cut or hurt. They last much longer than any other material and can be used on any type of nail service like gel, acrylic and natural nails!

*pink diamonds drill bits are size 3/32

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