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Precious Minerals Colour change Gel Polish Love potion

Precious Minerals Colour change Gel Polish Love potion

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Our latest gel polish Color change 


Gel polish that change colours from hot to cold !!

Fast application cure 30 seconds on LED

60 seconds on UV 

Add ShineE for topcoat and done!!

Note, that colour might be different from pictures due to light or based colour used underneath the gel polish. 
we are in a transition to change the packaging for the precious minerals please be aware some might be different bottles from 15ml to 10ml. Be aware before buying.


Pictures are downloaded from amazing  nail techs using our products, we do not have the rights for the pictures and they are available for public viewing in IG and Facebook.

follow their accounts for inspiration and support their amazing work.

@andanaomy @angelnailsbykinga 

if you recognize your work please contact us to add your IG on our page.


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