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Shinee Star (Nail Polish Top Coat, Diamond Top Coat Gel)

Shinee Star (Nail Polish Top Coat, Diamond Top Coat Gel)

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Sparkling Top Coat



Enailcouture new Shinee Star top coat series!~

no wipe high gloss glitter top coats!~

About this item:

7 Colors To Choose From:
Uranus (Pearl White Sequins),
Venus (Rose Gold Paper Foil),
Pluto(Black Paper Foil),
Mars (Opal Paper Foil),
Mercury (Silver Foil & Glitter )
Moon(Silver Paper Foil),
Cosmos(Diamonds Like Glitter) 
  • 【Top Coat】 The Diamond Top Coat Maintains The Good Looks And Effect Of Your Nails After You Finish Your Nail Art Design. It Is Suitable For All Kinds Of Nail Art Decoration, Whether Acrylic Or Natural Nail With Visible Effect. Compatible And Working Great With Any Other Nail Polish Or Gel, It Dries Fast And Provides Convenience And Comfort During Your Daily Use.
  • curing time 60 seconds UV /LED  35 watts or more 
  • All sales are final no exchange or refunds no exceptions, beware of the policy before buying.

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