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Acrylic Powder Eternal Beige

Acrylic Powder Eternal Beige

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Eternal Beige 

The perfect cover pink for all skin tones!~ These powders are choice selected superior
cosmetic Homopolymers with added pigments
to maximize colour.
Our polymers are advanced blended polymers
to prevent crystallization, combined with low,
inner injection BPO to prevent yellowing.
Designed and created for competitors by the
top competitor, master teacher and educator
Mr. Max Estrada. These powders will help ensure the perfect finish every time. It has a slower evaporation time reducing odour within the salon and allowing for a more comfortable working environment. Monomer’s MMA-free formulation provides consistency, strength, adhesion and flexibility with NO cracking or splitting.

Maintain Brilliance Benefits:

  • Comfortable Working Environment
  • Better for You and Your Client
  • Shock Absorbing, Less Breakage
  • Consistency of Application
  • Best Adhesion
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Clarity
  • Brighter Finish
  • Perfect drying time
  • No bubbles

Long Lasting Effects

The cotton candy scented Monomer has minimum odour with optical brighteners and UV stabilizers designed to help maintain clarity and protect against yellowing.

Note this product is gross weight 


  • Low Odor
  • 100% EMA
  • Optical Brighteners
  • Plasticizers
  • Molecularly Restructured
  • Fusion Blended Co-Polymers
  • Inner Structure BPO
  • Super Cosmetic Polymer Beads
  • Added Pigments


Note: The 120 gram acrylic powder size might fluctuate due to the difference in the weight of each acrylic powder. (ie: glitter, coloured, pigmented powder, etc.)

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