Collection: Gel System

The Enailcouture Gel System is one of the most complete and affordable in the market all you need to create long lasting enhancements is Enailcouture builder gels 

Builders gels in 2 different sizes 15ml and 30ml 

princess pink

eternal beige

pink glass


gel paints 

BB gel paints for ombre 

builders no need bonder apply thin coat of any of the gel builders cure for 20 sec on uv or 50 on Led then sculpt and full cure 90 sec at the end,file and buff then apply for favourite gel polish,top coat with shinee.

painting gels 60 sec cure on Led 30 sec on Uv 


Pictures are downloaded from amazing  nail techs using our products, we do not have the rights for the pictures and they are available for public viewing in IG and Facebook.

follow their accounts for inspiration and support their amazing work.

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Gel System